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Analysis of the Sound of the Sun Water Crystal

By : Colette Baron-Reid

In 2008, I was introduced to David Sereda and a fast bond was created. David Sereda is an acclaimed scientist, engineer, ecologist and mystic. He’s one of those amazing free thinkers who puts a question to all the facets of the cosmos and spirituality. In discovering his works on the effects of the Sound of the Sun on water crystals, we decided to design a method of improving one’s wellbeing.

Since the body is predominantly made of water, we wanted to design a method of exposing the Sound of the Sun to the human body in a reflective and relaxing way. What we came up with was the Sound Of The Sun Meditation.

It is a ten minute meditation with the sound of the ocean in the background, the Sound of the Sun blended into a beautiful and melodic piece of music. Also added to the music was chanting and the OM sound.

On studies done in groups, we have found the Sound of the Sun Meditation to have a subtle, yet profound effect on a person. Afterwards, they seem more relaxed and energized. To include this meditation as a daily practice may bring some people the health benefits they desire, while others will feel more grounded, mentally clarity, feeling of peace, and physically more alive as the water based cells in the body have been restructured to a more vital and energized composite.

Included in this package are pictures of some of the studies of the Sound of the Sound exposed to regular tap water and then flash frozen and photographed under a dark field microscope. The results are amazing. Imagine what it can do to the body’s water based cells.

David Sereda will go on to tell us more of the scientific studies and their relevance on us as human beings and the spiritual aspects of our conscious connection with the elements of the Cosmos.

Analysis of the Sound of the Sun Water Crystal

By: David Sereda

In February of 2008, I decided to cooperatively test a hypothesis with Saida Medvedeva, Producer of the film “Water – The Great Mystery”; exposing water molecules and the human body and its nervous system to the Sound of the Sun recordings by NASA.

The first test was to expose the Sound of the Sun to the human body while the subject was wired to a GDV human aura camera that sees the amount of energy radiating from all 7 of our energy systems (chakras).

After a person heard the sound of the sun for one minute, researchers could see that the amount of energy radiating from the 4th energy center (human heart center), had increased dramatically while the other 6 centers subsided. The sound of the sun was activating the heart field.

The implications of this discovery for healing the heart center and possibly heart dis-ease needed to be studied further. What Dr. Len Horrowitz found was that all of the harmonic frequencies known within many of the sound vibration healing techniques were also identified to be inside the harmonic frequencies of the Sound of the Sun.

The next experiment was to emulate Dr. Masaro Emoto’s ground breaking work and find the effects of the Sound of the Sun on water molecules that were flash frozen in a natural state, a polluted state, and then exposing those same waters to human intention (positive and negative) and music of various sorts. These pictures of Dr. Emoto's work is from the Hay House Published book, Messages From Water. Notice the difference between water exposed to negative thought, music and/or words and that of those exposed to positive thought, music and/or words.

The Experiment
In February of 2008, tests were conducted in Russia based on my hypothesis. Ordinary water was exposed to the NASA sound of the sun and cryogenically flash frozen then photographed and examined under a dark field microscope.

The results were beyond my wildest expectations. The researchers had never seen such an amazing result and such perfect symmetry and beauty. The crystal of the frozen Sound of the Sun was speaking in a language that was consistent with our understanding of numerology and deep philosophy. The crystal was a perfect geometrical pattern.

Cover our bottoms Disclaimer: The Sound of the Sun is in no way considered to be medically proven to cure any ailments of any sort or is it recognized within the medical community to be an effective medical treatment of any kind. The sale of The Sound of the Sun Mediation is meant solely as a form of practice for stress reduction and relaxation. Any conclusion derived by the material provided is purely subjective. We make no claims to any medical, mental, or therapeutic benefits. Look to the One Within to find your answer.

Run time: 10 minutes
Price:$ 12.00
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