Hope For Humanity
Another inspirational Documentary film by Producer, James Law, and Director, David Sereda


Producer; James Law & Director; David Sereda,  are the creators of "Hope For Humanity," a new Documentary film that touches on Gifted Children and how they are helping to shape our future.

What can we expect to see in the near future when these kids become our next Teachers, Leaders, Scientists and Medical Professionals?   Jim has researched amazing people with special abilities

Pablo Cordova.......who sees spirit-guides that teach him how to be a healer.

Akiane Kramarik...a child prodigy who at the age of four, began to paint her perspectives of Heaven.

Jessica Schab.......who says that she is an Ambassador for children from the Stars.

The medical industry would rather keep is sick for profit, rather than to devise and utilize methods to break away from illnesses.

Over 60% of young adults in the US are on some type of Psychotropic Medication. Why?

Many parents don't know what to do if their kid exhibits unusual behavior. Find how to get help!

ADD, ADHD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia, are just some of the many diagnosis that children are given, and along with that, comes a whole barrage of Designer-Drugs.   Which comes first, the name of the drug or the name of the so-called...disease?

Awareness is the key, knowing to not just go to a medical source right away. The more information you get about what is going on with your child, the better off they will be.

Learn how, as an adult, that early-life programming can be restructured so that you too, can awaken the gifts that you have. Learn how you can realize your full potential, to remember who you are and how to become fully actualized human beings.

Men Starring:

    1. Dr. Gary Schwartz
    2. Dr. Claude Swanson
    3. Dr. Hugh Gilbert
    4. Dr. Lynn Sereda
    5. Pablo Cordova
    6. Mark Patterson
    7. David Sereda
    8. James M. Law, Jr.

      Women Starring:

      1. Akiane & Ferrelli Kramarik
      2. Dr. Shelly Kaehr
      3. Jessica Schab
      4. Ann Albers
      5. Phoenix Aki Uriela
      6. Shannon Lee Simpson
      7. Crystal E. Frost
      8. Alyra Sereda Frost

      Movie: Hope for Humanity
      Available Format: DVD-Video
      Running Time: 100 min.
      Price: $27.95 (Includes Free Domestic Shipping)